Consultation Process

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Consultation Process

At Landscapes4U we don’t give estimates or quotes over the phone, instead we take the time to visit you on site for a consultation. We recognise that you are investing your finances into this project, so we want to make sure we can offer you design concepts, suggestions and solutions to give you the results you desire, within the budget that you’ve allocated for your landscaping.

The costs involved in completing your landscaping can vary significantly depending on, but not limited to; access to your outdoor area, the type of excavation needed, the type of materials required to safely and effectively carry out the job required, and the level of finish you want. Giving an estimate on the cost of a landscaping job without a proper on site consultation can result in a vast difference between the quote and the final cost of the job.

To avoid this our head Landscaping Designer, will meet you on site discuss your project with you and give you professional advice. He can then chat about the cost of the project with you, based on the materials and job discussed during the consultation. If required he can also provide you with a basic sketch and some figures. If there is more than one project within your plan, for example a retaining wall, paving and synthetic turf, a plan for the schedule of completion and estimated costs will be formulated and the first part of the project.

We will offer many suggestions on the best materials to use, where you can view these materials to make your selection, possible places for inspiration and other valuable landscaping tips, so it’s best to have a notepad and pen on hand for your consultation.

It is very important that you know your budget prior to your consultation. We don’t expect you to know how much your project will cost, we just need a price bracket of what you are wanting to spend. If you were to go shopping for a car, you would know how much cash you have to pay for what you want, or how much you are willing to loan to get what you want. It is a waste of your time if the sales person shows you a luxury car when your budget doesn’t allow for that. If you know how much you’d like to spend, and some idea of the specs you are looking for, they can show you cars that will suit your needs and will fit into your price range. It is the same with a landscaping project.

A consultation costs $195 and is payable prior to your appointment. We find it very important to have all decision makers, who will be involved in the choice of design and/or the budget, present for the consultation. This can help to prevent any miscommunication when relaying the information back.

To book your consultation simply fill in our Enquiry Form and we’ll be in touch.